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Saturday, April 22, 2017

I wear my sunglasses at night

Jacket - Maple Fashion // faux leather skirt - 6ixty8ight

I can't remember even like...half of this day and it was only about four days ago (or 6, who's counting). What I do remember is coming back to my apartment after class and then ending up in Tuen Mun with my fly 2nd OOTD. The picture up there with the big M is reminding me that one of my roommates and I also went to McDonalds. I haven't eaten there in 7 years legit except for getting a mcflurry every couple years, it was good but I got spicy chicken and had regret. Spicy food is chill or whatever but lately it's been making me tear up while I eat and that's not fun or ideal?? I'm actually over spicy food at least for the next 2 months so like...sorry to all my POC ancestors but I can't deal.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hong Kong // Photo Diary

I am currently in Hong Kong, it's so amazing here. Most of these pictures were taken on rainy days, so I'm sorry for the gloom -- but really it looks beautiful here whether it's sunny or raining. it is making me reflect more than I usually do on how so many people are connected to their culture. as a Black girl I'm definitly connected to Black culture and Black American culture, but the culture that I have now is not 100% the culture of my ancestors, and that makes me feel disconnected sometimes. Like I was born from nowhere. but at most, I have the pride in knowing my lineage and that's something to embrace And somewhere start from.

If any of you ever have a chance to come here you should!! just don't be surprised if you end up wanting to pack up and move here too <3

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Craving to witness

I began to dislike wearing black immensely. I wore it too often and it made me feel unvibrant and unsaturated and boring. Then I suddenly thought...no. Wearing black is fun/amazing and cool (+ sometimes lazy). maybe I will get tired of it again and that's okay, but for now I'm going to keep wearing it and hope for the best.

Anyway, I keep thinking of BeyoncĂ© and how men don't get her and won't accept her artistry, or only - on a v basic level - tolerate her artistry and claim they don't 'like' her because girls love her so much. How weird??? it's fine if someone doesn't like her I kind of don't care, but some men go out of their way to announce their disdain for her and I just think it's odd and. Telling. I want to not engage in those conversations ever in life anymore. +
 I forgot to note that most everything I'm wearing is super not new, except for the shoes. And blazer that was given to me by my mom's friend, I need to create like 30 outfits with this bad boy. Okay I'm gonna finish my Snapple and work on some homework, adieu!
https://www.necessaryclothing.com/turtleneck - Necessary Clothing // mesh bodysuit - (similar) Forever 21 // bracelet - thrifted // shoes - GoJane // pants - secondhand